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Chalean Extreme is a unique fitness program that sculpts your body in a way that leads to a 60% fat reduction in three months.

Because of the way the regimen is structured you’ll see the difference in just 30 days, and every 30 days the improvement become more pronounced.

To achieve this goal the program makes use of resistance training to increase muscle mass in your body.

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The Chalean Extreme in Detail

Because the program relies heavily on muscle resistance, your body’s metabolism is increased, burning more calories in the process. Chalean Extreme is divided into three phases, a very important design concept since it prevents boredom from settling in. Phase 1 is Burn, where you lift weights, essential for giving your metabolism a boost. Phase 2 is called Push and it teaches you how to lift heavy weights so you’ll burn fat and build muscles at the same time. Finally, Phase 3 is called Lean and focuses on dynamic moves and routines that will burn away fat.

You start the program with Phase 1 and 3 to 10 lb weights. When you’re ready to move you can try heavier weights and move to the next phase. There are a total of 15 workouts in the program, and since they’re divided into three phases you’ll progress at a natural speed. Each phase in the program also comes with an Extreme Cardio option. And with it you’ll be doing more intense training and cardio workouts. In addition your muscles will become stronger thanks to some specially designed flexibility workouts, but Chalean Extreme doesn’t end there since it includes Core Power, a special set of routines that focus on your abs so the muscles get tighter and harder.

One of the reasons why Chalean Extreme is so effective is it moves burning fat to resistance training instead of just cardio. By including resistance training in the three phases, you’ll lose fat and build up lean muscle at the same time. It’s this process that helps burn calories and fat even after your workout is done. In fact, studies have shown that with Chalean Extreme, fat continues to burn even when you sleep.

Program Content

The Chalean Extreme program consists of 6 DVDs and includes the Fat Burning Food Guide, the Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook, the Body Fat Tester, the Thigh Toner Band, Pro-Grade Resistance Band and the Extreme Motivation Band. Each of the extras has a specific function and purpose and makes the program more effective overall.

The first DVD focuses on Burn Basics and eating healthy foods. This part of the program explains the right techniques and form for the resistance moves you’ll be doing. The second DVD meanwhile, is the first step of the Chalean program where you start lifting weights to build muscle and break down fat. The workouts in the second DVD are of a moderate nature and work your upper and lower body carefully. DVD 2 also explains how Lean Phasing improves your body’s shape every 30 days. There is a lot of information covered in this DVD, as in the rest, but the presentation is well done.

DVD 3 shows you how to lift heavier weights and go beyond your body’s comfort zone. This is one of the most important sections of the program since you need to be able to go beyond your comfort zone, otherwise there will be no progress. DVD 4 on the other hand, teaches you new dynamic routines that burn body fat quickly. DVD 5 meanwhile, introduces you to the Extreme Cardio Phase, a series of advanced routines that burn calories and rejuvenates your body.

Bonus Features of the Chalean Extreme Program

DVD 6 includes two workout programs for your abs, Extreme Abs and Ab Burner. These are bonus routines that tone, tighten and shrink your abs. Other helpful tools are included such as the aforementioned Pro-Grade Resistance Band for muscle toning and fat burning. The Thigh Toner Band meanwhile, is designed to provide resistance support to your lower body, and the calendar explains what workouts you need to do and how much weight you’re supposed to lift.

The Chalean Extreme workout program works for many reasons, foremost being you’ll be able to do different workouts every day. In addition, the weight training takes only 35 minutes to complete, done thrice weekly with two cardio workouts on the other days. While the workout is intense, it’s also fun and the DVDs are easy to follow and listen to.

Probably the most impressive feature of Chalean Extreme is sheer variety, since without it you might lose interest. The workouts are also well designed so there’s a real feeling of being challenged, and yet it’s something you end up looking forward to. The program moreover, provides plenty of motivation to continue working out and get in shape.

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