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Many serious gym enthusiasts are wary of vibration machines, because the marketing experts didn’t do their job of promoting the equipment properly. Manufacturers trumped their vibrating machines as a kind of miraculous machine for weight loss, and they even emphasized how people can shed excess weight without too much effort at all.

Of course, all these claims weren’t entirely accurate. However, the plain truth of the matter is that when you use it properly, it offers many substantial benefits. The machine applies vibrations to your whole body, and your body reacts automatically to keep you stable by working out your joints and muscles.

With the right vibration machine, you can lose weight, relieve your stress, and improve your circulation. You boost your balance and flexibility, and develop stronger bones. Studies have even shown that it helps your skin to look healthier.

In addition to using a vibration machine properly, you also need a reliable vibration machine. It should offer a range of vibration settings to choose from, as well as some preset programs that help you achieve your fitness goals.

Here are some of the best options you can choose from so you can add a vibration machine for your home gym:

[amazon box=”B00COGQ9IK” description=”This is designed so that you can use it while standing, sitting, lying prone on the floor. It’s tough enough to handle a weight of up to 300 pounds. The display console is user-friendly, and with it you can use the heart rate monitor and the 3 integrated programs. It also has the controls to let you pick the speed setting from 1 to 50. It seems huge, but its foot print is actually small. You can also move it around more easily as it only weighs 62 pounds and it has transport wheels. “]

[amazon box=”B01I58INOI” description=”It comes with an easy to us console through which you can pick among the 10 preset workout programs. You have a range of speeds from 1 to 160 to choose from, and the massage vibration is quite strong. You also have yoga straps that really help with enhancing your arms and upper body. The weight limit is for 300 pounds. “]

[amazon box=”B00JIED6QO” description=”This is a rather compact machine, but it can handle up to 330 pounds. It offers up to 30 different speeds, and you can make use of the 3 preset programs. Because of its compact design, it’s not just portable. You can also place it on your back or under your calf when you lie down for a relaxing massage that reduces stress. “]

[amazon box=”B01BTUKBRG” description=”This is a full-sized model that can accommodate a weight of up to 350 pounds. You have 3 LED windows showing the time, speed, and even a fat-scan. This fat-scan function also works with 3 preset slimming programs. The speed can go up a 99 setting. “]

[amazon box=”B01CK31J0Y” description=”This is another portable model that looks like a weight scale. This is what you should step on when you’re squatting or lifting weights or you can use this as a step trainer. The vibration speeds can go up to a level 20 setting. It also comes with 2 resistance bands and a remote for the vibration machine. “]

[amazon box=”B00DONV7ZW” description=”This is a full size model, but it only weighs 62 pounds so you can still move it as long as you’re careful. It can support 265 pounds, and it offers 50 speed settings and 3 preset workout programs. This comes with antistatic and anti-jamming features, so everything works smoothly. It also helps that the 600W motor is very efficient. “]

[amazon box=”B019OKLSRU” description=”Some people may worry about their stability when they stand on these portable models, but these issues are addressed here. The mat comes with a durable anti-slip surface, and at the bottom of the unit you have suctions cups to keep it in place. It offers 4 adjustable settings, 3 sport intensities, and it supports up to 264 pounds. “]