Best Elliptical Machine

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Elliptical machines are also called X-trainers or cross trainers. Regardless of what you call it, it’s still a machine that lets you walk, run, or climb hills while you’re comfortably indoors. It doesn’t use a treadmill running surface, and instead it offers a foot pedal that makes it look like a stationary bike. It’s because of this that some are actually marketed as upright bikes.

Using an elliptical trainer offers a wide range of benefits. It enhances your mobility and balance, and it enables you to gradually regain motion in your hips. It improves your cardio capacity and stamina, and with it you can work out both the lower and upper part of your body. Using it is also a kind of weight bearing exercise that helps strengthens your bones.

An elliptical machine is very convenient, since you can use it while reading or watching TV. It doesn’t really take up a lot of space either. It’s not too expensive, and the maintenance is cheap and easy. It doesn’t have a lot of moving parts that can break down, and its use involves minimal impact that can affect the components. It should last for a long time.

All these benefits are yours as long as you pick the right elliptical machine. To make sure of that, you should start with these terrific options:

[amazon box=”B007595TKU” description=”This extremely popular elliptical machine can handle 300 pounds in weight, and it offers a large comfy seat for small and large users. It offers 8 levels of magnetic tension and a heart rate monitor, and it folds for storage. “]

[amazon box=”B0090X08JG” description=”It offers a weight limit of 375 pounds and 20 levels of resistance. You also get 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs, and even 2 heart rate programs. The LCD monitor measures 7.5 inches and it includes a sound system and a water bottle holder. “]

[amazon box=”B01DYRFZGO” description=”This can support up to 270 pounds, and you have 24 levels of magnetic tension to work with. It comes with hand pulse sensors, a backlit LCD computer, and 21 preset workout programs. You can aim for a fitness goal according to distance, time, or calories burned. “]

[amazon box=”B017WDR7CG” description=”This offers 8 levels of magnetic resistance, 7 preset workout programs, and a grip heart rate monitor. Your data is displayed in a large LCD monitor that’s easy to read, and you can plug this in to save on batteries. “]

[amazon box=”B000VICRO8” description=”This compact trainer is just a platform for the foot pedals, so you can use it sitting while watching or standing up. The electronic fitness monitor tracks your strides, the time, and the calories you’ve burned up. The pedals are textured and you can go forward or in reverse. “]

[amazon box=”B00D4LEEY0” description=”This has 20 levels of resistance and 22 programs you can choose from. You can save up to 2 user settings. You also have 2 LCD windows so you can track up to 13 different feedback items. There’s also a charging USB port. “]

[amazon box=”B0090X09KY” description=”This can handle up to 400 pounds of weight, and offers 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs, and even 2 heart rate programs. The large LCD screen measures 9 inches and it has a built-in fan. The stride is adjustable and can go to maximum of 22 inches. “]

[amazon box=”B00KVZM6W4” description=”Its features include 2 LCD windows displaying 13 feedbacks, 20 levels of resistance, 22 preset programs with 8 controlled by the heart rate, 2 user profiles, a grip heart rate, and a 20-inch stride. It even has acoustic chambered speakers. “]

[amazon box=”B014IWD79G” description=”This supports up to 350 pounds. It has a large LCD window, and EKG grip pulse, soft grips, large pedals, and even transport wheels. It also offers 16 different levels of resistance. It’s very quiet, and the frame comes with a 5-year warranty. “]

[amazon box=”B008EPBZMU” description=”This has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. The pedals are large with a ribbed dot design to keep you from slipping and you can stride backwards. It comes with a heart rate monitor and you can move it easily with the transport wheels. There’s a water bottle holder too. “]