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Updated: March 01, 2024

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Barbell Brigade is renowned not only for its commitment to physical fitness but also for its unique blend of affordability and high-quality services. If you want to know about the latest Barbell Brigade prices, membership options, facilities, and more, you’ll find all the information you need right here.


Monthly Membership

General Membership (Monthly Rate)$125.00
Students & Teachers (Monthly Rate)$112.50
Emergency Services (Monthly Rate)$100.00
Military Personnel (Monthly Rate)$100.00
One Day Guest Pass$25.00
Five Day Guest Pass$75.00
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Barbell Brigade Membership Cost and Prices

If you’re searching for a fitness center that offers remarkable value without breaking the bank, Barbell Brigade may be the perfect choice for you. With Barbell Brigade Prices designed to be low and fair for the comprehensive facilities and services they provide, it’s an attractive option for those serious about their fitness journey.

Let’s take a closer look at the Barbell Brigade Prices and understand how they structure their membership costs. The gym offers two primary membership options:

1. Month-to-Month Membership

  • Initiation Fee: $0.00
  • Monthly Fee: $149.00
  • Cancellation Fee: $0.00

2. One-Year Contract

  • Upfront Cost: $1,500.00
  • Monthly Payment Option: $125.00 per month

Both membership options grant you full access to Barbell Brigade’s extensive equipment, top-notch facilities, and various other amenities.

What is the Cost of a Month-to-Month Membership at Barbell Brigade?

A month-to-month membership at Barbell Brigade comes at a cost of $149.00 per month. This flexible membership plan caters to individuals who prefer not to commit to a long-term contract. Subscribers enjoy access to facilities that encompass showers, locker rooms, and lounge areas. Moreover, they can participate in classes and engage personal trainers for an extra fee. The beauty of this membership lies in the ability to cancel or pause it at any time, though specific cancellation procedures may apply. For those seeking an affordable gym membership, the month-to-month option with Barbell Brigade is an enticing choice.

What is the Cost of a One-Year Membership at Barbell Brigade?

A one-year membership with Barbell Brigade offers two payment options: an upfront cost of $1,500.00 or a monthly payment of $125.00. This membership caters to individuals who are committed to their long-term fitness goals. Opting for a one-year membership allows members to enjoy cost savings compared to the month-to-month plan. Subscribers of the annual plan receive the same comprehensive benefits as their monthly counterparts, including access to cutting-edge gym equipment, locker rooms, showers, and lounge areas.

Barbell Brigade also occasionally introduces promotions and discounts for its memberships, so it’s advisable to stay informed about these offers by checking their social media accounts or website. The gym’s competitive pricing, combined with the latest fitness equipment and an inviting atmosphere, positions Barbell Brigade as a compelling choice.

Can I Cancel My Membership at Barbell Brigade Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at Barbell Brigade, although the cancellation policy varies depending on the membership type you select. For month-to-month members, the cancellation process is straightforward and can be initiated at any time without incurring additional costs. However, for one-year members, there is a cancellation fee, the amount of which depends on how far you are into your membership. It is crucial to familiarize yourself with the cancellation policy in your membership agreement and reach out to Barbell Brigade’s customer service team if you have any questions or require assistance.

Is There a Cancellation Fee at Barbell Brigade?

Indeed, there is a cancellation fee when terminating a one-year membership at Barbell Brigade. The fee’s amount depends on how much time remains in your subscription. For specific details regarding the cancellation process and associated fees, it is recommended to contact the customer service department or refer to your membership agreement.

Is a Trial Membership Available at Barbell Brigade?

Barbell Brigade offers a one-day trial to new members who wish to explore the facility and its equipment before committing to a full membership. This trial period allows access to all the gym’s facilities. To sign up for the free trial, visit Barbell Brigade’s website and complete the provided form. Upon registration, you will receive an email with instructions on how to redeem your trial.

How Can I Pay for My Membership at Barbell Brigade?

At Barbell Brigade, membership fees can be paid using a credit or debit card. The gym accepts major cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Payment options include setting up automated payments or making one-time payments via their website or at the front desk. It’s important to note that Barbell Brigade does not accept cash payments for memberships. Should you have inquiries about payment methods or require assistance with account setup, the customer care team is readily available to assist you.

Are There Additional Fees Associated with a Membership at Barbell Brigade?

While Barbell Brigade offers transparent and straightforward pricing for their memberships, it’s essential to note that some additional fees may apply for specific services. For instance, if you wish to invite a friend to train with you, an additional cost may be incurred. Additionally, participating in classes or hiring personal trainers may involve extra charges. These costs are not included in the base membership fee, so it is advisable to reach out to Barbell Brigade for precise pricing details and to align your fitness plan with the associated costs.

Can I Freeze My Barbell Brigade Membership?

Yes, you can place your membership on hold at Barbell Brigade. The duration for which you can suspend your membership varies depending on the membership type you hold. Monthly members can put their membership on hold for up to three months per year, offering flexibility for temporary breaks. For one-year members, you can also put your membership on hold for up to three months in a year; however, this time does not count toward the 12-month membership duration. It’s important to remember that placing your membership on hold will not interrupt automatic payments, so consulting with customer service for additional details is advisable.

How Long Can I Put My Membership on Hold at Barbell Brigade?

The duration for which you can suspend your membership at Barbell Brigade is contingent on the specific membership option you choose. To obtain precise information about hold periods, it is recommended to reach out to Barbell Brigade’s customer service or review the terms and conditions in your membership agreement. While many gyms typically offer hold periods that range from one to three months, Barbell Brigade may have distinct policies in place.

Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Membership?

Yes, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your membership at Barbell Brigade. Whether you want to switch to a different membership level or reduce your existing one, you can discuss your preferences with the on-site staff or contact the customer service team via their website or phone. The process of changing or downgrading your membership may vary depending on your current membership type, so it’s recommended to communicate with a staff member or customer support for detailed information.

Is There an Initiation Fee for New Members at Barbell Brigade?

Unlike many other gyms that impose initiation fees for new members, Barbell Brigade does not charge any initiation fees. The gym maintains a straightforward pricing structure that excludes hidden costs, ensuring that aspiring members can join and commence their fitness journey without any extra expenses. This transparency is highly appreciated by individuals eager to start their fitness regimen hassle-free.

What is Included in the Membership Cost at Barbell Brigade?

Barbell Brigade’s membership cost encompasses a range of benefits designed to enhance your fitness experience:

  • Access to state-of-the-art fitness equipment.
  • Utilization of locker and shower facilities.
  • Access to the gym’s lounge area.
  • The option to attend classes (additional fees may apply).
  • The ability to collaborate with personal trainers (additional fees may apply).

Barbell Brigade Facilities and Amenities

Barbell Brigade is not just any ordinary gym; it’s a fitness hub that offers a broad spectrum of facilities and amenities to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of its members. Here, we delve into the array of features that make Barbell Brigade stand out in the world of fitness centers.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

At the core of Barbell Brigade’s offerings lies its impressive array of state-of-the-art fitness equipment. For those who are passionate about weightlifting, the gym is a dream come true. With four dedicated platforms for lifting, it provides an environment where you can challenge your strength, build muscle, and push your boundaries.

Diverse Workout Options

Barbell Brigade is all about inclusivity, and it showcases that in its diverse range of workout options. Whether you’re into deadlifts for a stronger backside or squats for an empowering lower body, Barbell Brigade’s equipment and knowledgeable trainers can guide you through your fitness journey.

Ample Space and Comfort

The gym offers spacious workout areas, ensuring that you have enough room to complete your routines without feeling crowded. Locker and shower facilities are also available, promoting convenience and hygiene in your fitness journey. Furthermore, the lounge area is perfect for relaxation or socializing with fellow fitness enthusiasts.

Classes and Personal Training

In addition to providing top-notch equipment, Barbell Brigade offers various classes to help you achieve your fitness goals. While some classes may come with an additional fee, they allow you to diversify your workouts and keep things interesting. The gym also provides the option to collaborate with personal trainers who can provide personalized guidance, taking your fitness journey to the next level.

Online Presence and Community

One of the standout features of Barbell Brigade is its strong online presence. The gym actively engages with its community through social media, delivering valuable content and maintaining a connection with its members. This online presence not only keeps you motivated but also offers a sense of belonging to a fitness-focused community.

Engaging Events

Barbell Brigade doesn’t just stop at conventional workouts. They also host various events, adding an element of fun and novelty to your fitness journey. Events like naked yoga provide a unique and memorable way to engage with fitness while promoting a sense of camaraderie among members.

Apparel and Merchandise Store

Beyond its facilities, Barbell Brigade houses an apparel and merchandise store. You can not only elevate your fitness game but also flaunt your affiliation with the gym through their branded clothing. This in-house store ensures you have access to high-quality gym attire and accessories.

Barbell Brigade Membership Benefits

Barbell Brigade stands out not only for its budget-friendly pricing but also for the exceptional benefits it offers. The gym takes full advantage of social media, providing valuable content to its members and maintaining a remarkable online presence.

The gym is known for its extensive selection of weightlifting machines, featuring four platforms, making it a haven for weightlifting enthusiasts. Moreover, members can engage in unique activities such as pull-ups on bars towering over 100 feet or jump over bumpers to tailor their workouts to their preferences.

Whether you’re interested in building a stronger backside and more massive biceps through deadlifts or gaining power with squats, Barbell Brigade caters to a diverse range of fitness goals. Its welcoming and empowering atmosphere encourages you to push your limits, providing a space where you can work hard without the worry of inconveniencing others.

Barbell Brigade Membership Types and Fees

The previously mentioned price list showcases the affordability of Barbell Brigade’s memberships. When you become a member, you’ll find yourself surrounded by motivated individuals working towards their fitness goals, including notable YouTubers. The gym’s excellent equipment and inclusive atmosphere make it a fantastic place for fitness enthusiasts, both beginners and experienced.

Group Classes at Barbell Brigade

Barbell Brigade offers an array of group fitness classes that are designed to cater to various fitness levels and interests. These classes provide an excellent opportunity for members to diversify their workout routines, enjoy a sense of community, and achieve their fitness goals with the guidance of experienced instructors. Here’s a closer look at the group classes offered at Barbell Brigade:

Strength Training Classes

For those who are passionate about strength training, Barbell Brigade provides a range of classes that focus on building muscle, improving endurance, and increasing overall strength. These classes may include powerlifting, weightlifting, and functional strength training. With a supportive group environment, you can challenge your limits and push your boundaries under the guidance of skilled trainers.

Cardio and Conditioning Classes

Cardiovascular health is an integral part of any fitness regimen, and Barbell Brigade acknowledges this by offering cardio and conditioning classes. These sessions aim to improve your cardiovascular endurance, burn calories, and enhance your overall fitness. Whether you prefer high-intensity interval training (HIIT), spinning, or circuit workouts, there’s a class that suits your cardio needs.

Flexibility and Mobility Classes

Maintaining flexibility and mobility is vital for injury prevention and overall well-being. Barbell Brigade’s flexibility and mobility classes are designed to help you increase your range of motion, reduce muscle tension, and enhance your posture. These classes often incorporate practices like yoga, Pilates, and stretching routines.

Functional Fitness Classes

Functional fitness is all about preparing your body for real-life movements and activities. Barbell Brigade offers functional fitness classes that focus on improving your strength, balance, and coordination. These classes might include exercises that mimic everyday activities, such as lifting, bending, and squatting. They are especially beneficial for enhancing your physical capabilities outside of the gym.

Nutrition and Wellness Workshops

In addition to physical fitness, Barbell Brigade acknowledges the importance of nutrition and overall wellness. The gym hosts workshops and classes that provide valuable insights into healthy eating, dietary strategies, and general well-being. These classes empower members to make informed choices about their nutrition, supporting their fitness goals.

Boot Camps and Challenges

For those seeking an extra push and an opportunity to test their limits, Barbell Brigade organizes boot camps and fitness challenges. These high-intensity sessions offer a structured and motivating environment to help you achieve rapid results. Whether it’s a weight loss challenge, a strength-building boot camp, or a transformation program, you’ll find a way to challenge yourself.

Online Classes

To ensure accessibility to a wider audience, Barbell Brigade has ventured into the realm of online classes. Members can benefit from virtual workouts, wellness sessions, and nutrition classes, making it more convenient to stay on track with their fitness goals even from the comfort of their homes.

History of Barbell Brigade

Barbell Brigade traces its roots back to October 2013 when it was established as a haven for lifting heavy weights and deadlifting. Located at 646 Gibbons Street, Los Angeles, California, Barbell Brigade has consistently provided top-notch workouts to its clientele. It has cultivated a reputation for offering a dynamic environment that caters to individuals across all fitness levels.

Barbell Brigade – More Than Just a Gym

Barbell Brigade’s mission goes beyond providing a space for workouts. The gym embodies an ethos of toughness and humility. Members and guests are encouraged to dominate their workouts while remaining humble, and this philosophy is encapsulated in the motto “dominate humbly.”

Founded by Bart Kwan and Geovanna Antoinette in 2013, Barbell Brigade is not just a gym; it’s a brand that encompasses apparel and media production. The gym features rows of squat racks, a lifter’s ultimate dream, and fosters an environment where lifters can push themselves to their limits without fear of disrupting others. Barbell Brigade prides itself on not offering cardio classes or group fitness sessions, maintaining its exclusive focus on weightlifting.

For more information about Barbell Brigade, visit their official website.

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