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Health proponents know fully well there are only a couple of activities essential to the achievement of good general health, diet and exercise. One may be difficult for those who love cheesy and greasy burgers but constant procrastination on exercise is on the same level of magnitude.

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It is, however, reassuring to know where you stand in your endeavor, if you are the serious health buff. You can easily weigh yourself and measure your waist as easily as tying the laces of your shoes, but you do not know how much fat content is inside your body.

There are a few quick methods to get to a crude estimation of your fat condition. Two of these are BAI and BMI


Body Adiposity Index, or BAI, is relatively a new player on the block that has about the same chart measure as BMI, or Body Mass Index. 

BAI takes the measure of your hips and compare it with your height to come up with a number that will correspond to a bracketed table, very similar to BMI, to determine your fat condition whether underweight, normal, overweight, or absurdly obese.

BMI takes a different route. It takes your body weight to be mathematically processed by division with the square of your height. The original BMI table they had for so many years was adapted by BAI.

Which of the two is reliable or closer to the truth is not for this episode.