Brad Pitt Workout 2020

One of the most popular actors of all time is easily Brad Pitt. Women want to be with him while men want to be him. Find out how this megastar managed to look as cut as he did in the cult classic Fight Club. He was able to get to an insane physique with 5% body fat, all the while keeping a lean frame.

When it comes to Hollywood, there is no shortage of lean and chiselled bodies. Anyone who goes to Los Angeles with the hopes of becoming a star has to have a lean and very attractive body.

Yet even in a place of stars, blondes and ripped bodies, there are those rare individuals that still manage to stand out. People can’t help but stare at them in amazement, especially when it comes to how fit they are. Brad Pitt and how he looked in Fight Club is one of those people.

Looking Like Tyler Durden

Brad Pitt played the wild yet enigmatic Tyler Durden in Fight Club. The way the actor trained for the role is one of the most famous and sought after routines. Anyone who dedicates himself the workout will find it very effective.

The actor worked out using a 6-day routine that aims to target various muscle groups per day. The whole point is to push that particular muscle group as much as you can and then allowing the muscles to recover for about a week. It is so highly effective that Pitt reached a body-fat ratio of 6 percent. Bear in mind that your body type will determine how challenging this workout will be for you.

What about Cardio?

The actor’s exercise routine was made up of resistance training and also cardio exercises. Rather than free weights, Pitt was more inclined to work with a Nautilus machine since it was great for resistance training.

Even though there was cardio involved in the routine, the Fight Club star only did cardio exercises at the end of each week. Yet when he did the cardio sessions, he made sure they were very intense. Pitt would workout until his heart rate reached his maximum target rate. This was to get rid of excess fat.

Fight Club Routine

Monday: Warm up with 3 sets of push-ups, each set having 15 reps. Follow this up with 3 sets on the bench press, also with 15 reps per set. Then do 3 sets with an Incline Press and complete 15 reps a set. Finish the day off with 3 sets doing Machine or cable Press. You’ll also need to do 15 reps a set.

Tuesday: Warm up by doing 3 sets of Pull Ups. Allow 15 reps per set. Next, get on the Seated Row and do 3 sets, 15 reps each. Afterwards, do 3 Lat Pulldowns and also complete 15 reps a set. Finish your day with 3 sets of 15 reps each doing T-Bar Rows.

Wednesday: This time, warm up with Military Shoulder Presses and do 3 sets of 15 reps each. Next, complete 3 sets of 15 reps doing Arnold Press. Bring out the dumbbells and do 3 sets of Lateral Dumbbell Raises, 15 reps a set. Finally, complete your workout for the day doing 3 sets of 15 reps per set of Front Dumbbell Raises.

Thursday: Warm up on the Curl Machine. Do 3 sets with 15 reps a set. Next in line are 3 sets with 15 reps each of E-Z Cable Curls. Do more curls but this time with Hammer Curls. Complete another 3 sets of 15 reps each. End your day with 3 sets of 15 reps each of Tricep Pushdowns.

Fury Workout

Aside from Fight Club, people are also keen on knowing Pitt’s workout routine for looking how he did on Fury. The actor’s role as Wardaddy, a US Army Sergeant, on the film wasn’t as demanding as his Troy part but training for Fury required plenty of stamina.

The actor did a work out that consisted of five days of training per week. The goal was to split muscle groups and also include the appropriate amount of cardio exercises. The exercise started 3 months before they started filming.

If your goal is to look like the actor in Fury, keep these exercise principles in mind:

  • Put in the right mixture of compound and isolation exercises
  • You will need to build stamina. To do this, your exercises should be high set, medium to high rep workout routines. The main goal is to make sure your whole body is tired on a day in one week and then to make sure to allow it to rest for the rest of the week.
  • As for cardio exercises, accomplish a minimum of one hour of cardio per day. You can spread this one hour into three separate sessions during the course of the day so you don’t overheat your body.


To achieve Brad Pitt’s looks in Fury and Fight Club, plenty of old school methods are used but the key is to do plenty of cardio and high reps while allowing your body to recover. The cardio sheds the fat, allowing the new lean muscles you’ve formed to show even better.